Monday, October 11, 2010

Termanology – Tight Pants Are For Girls ( download track )

Infelizmente so tive a oportunidade de escutar essa musica esses dias,manos aconselho-vos a escutar esta musika com cuidado fala sobre skin jeans,i auto-tune shit wateva.Apanhei esta musika no laptop do meu puto Billahill.
Links para download MEDIAFIRE
tambem passei no blog 2dopeboys i encontrei esses comentarios leem,lol
I think term just hates the fact that the new rappers that wear tight pants are getting way more attention than he is. I personally dont give a fuck what kind of pants anyone wears. well maybe those dumb industrial pants with the chains and straps, mainly because theyre really unpractical. but really, terms gotta step it up a little. i stopped calling shit ‘gay’ a while ago because its pretty dumb when you think about it.

Term is soundin straight homophobic on this song.
I have nothing against gays nor do I go around telling everyone how they should dress. It’s their body their choice.
BUT personally I would not date a guy who wears tighter jeans than me. Lol
I’m just really not feeling that style. I like a guy who keeps it more simple than wearing tight jeans with tons of colorful accessories.
Anyways though… I see what he’s talking about. Before, people were claiming that they’re so god damn gangster. Now all they rap about is their fuckin swag. I seriously don’t give a flying rats ass about how much “swag” you have!!

Someone needs to diss Term’s 5′1″ ass. Dude can hold his on the mic, but who is he to diss anyone’s appearance?
I don’t think it’s the skinny jeans wearing cats you gotta look out for, its yall checking them out and giving a fuck about what they wear.
Yall queer eye for the straight guy closet dwellers.

G-Roc said;
only faggot niggas wear tight jeans who ppl who follow trends
Word!! I can’t say it any better. Wasn’t before but now I’m a Term fan.

Epa fico por aki!!!!!.......

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