Friday, November 18, 2011

Mr. J. Medeiros-Discografia

Jason C. Medeiros (born September 9, 1977) better known as Mr. J. Medeiros is an American M.C., record producer, songwriter, and social activist. He is responsible for forming the Hip Hop group The Procussions, the IAm Constance campaign, and his own label De Medeiros. He has released 3 albums with his former group The Procussions; “As Iron Sharpens Iron” and “Up All Night” both independently released and “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents” which was Rawkus Records first release on their reemergence in 2006. Mr.J.Medeiros started his solo career in 2007 and put out his first album “Of gods and girls” on Rawkus Records that year. He then released “Friends Enemies Apples Apples” in 2009 followed by an EP titled "The Art of Broken Glass, both on his own label De Medeiros LLC. Mr. J's new album "Saudade" is set to release summer 2011 and is being produced by his team called "The Stare" which includes Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro the 89th Key, and Luke Atencio. Mr.J. and The Procussions were one of two acts on the Tribe Called Quest first reunion tour,
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Mr. J. Medeiros “of Gods and Girls”-2007

1. Amelie (feat. 20 syl of Hocus Pocus)
2. Silent Earth
3. Strangers
4. Constance -video click here
5. Change (feat. Strange Fruit Project and Rez of The Procussions)
6. King of Rock Bottom
7. Half a Dream (feat. Marty James of One Block Radius)
8. Keep Pace
9. Money (feat. Pigeon John and DJ Vajra)
10. Her Wings
11. Apathy
12. Call You
13. Constance (Remix)
14. Silent Earth (Ohmega Watts Remix)
15. Half a Dream (Siamese sisters Remix feat. Dj destro)
16. Amelie (Mike Kilo Sentimental Remi
Mr. J. Medeiros “Friends Enemies Apples Apples”-2009
01. Children feat. Tara Ellis
02. Last Stars
03. My Own
04. Target Market
05. Holding On feat. Tara Ellis | MP3
06. K38
07. Apples Apples
08. W.A.N.T.S. feat. Tara Ellis
09. Smile
10. Left Me feat. Tara Ellis
11. Brutus
12. The Balance feat. Tara Ellis
Mr. J. Medeiros “The Art of Broken Glass”(Ep)-2009
Track list:
1) Broken Windows [2:54]
2) Love Is All feat. Tara Ellis [3:31]
3) The Measure [3:07]
4) Tower of Cards [4:00]
5) Umpire State [3:00]
All Tracks Produced by Boonie Mayfield
Mr. J. Medeiros "Saudade"-2011 
1// Fear And Safety feat. Bekah Wagner
* 2// Saudade
3// The Weak End
4// Nothing Without Providence
5// Depression Is A Liar
6// Stand Down feat. A Mouse Named Wolf
* 7// I!ll take it
8// Swallow feat. Logan
9// The Sailor
10// So feat. J Kyle Gregory
11// Neon Signs feat. Stro
12// Serious feat. Stro
13// This Is Not A Home
14// Shower Curtains feat. J 

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